Typographic and visual inquiry

Presentations and workshops have included Type@Cooper (2021), ATypI 2020 All Over, Louisiana State University, School of Art (2018), AIGA Birmingham (2016), ATypI 2013 Amsterdam, and Typecon 2010 in Los Angeles. Find and download open access materials at Humanities Commons. An essay on phototype is online at TypeCulture; Eye 92 published a review of Walter Käch’s letterforms, which anticipated Helvetica and Univers.

Blackletter is an English printer’s term for styles also known as Old English or gothic. The monograph “Blackletter: Type and National Identity,” was co-edited with Paul Shaw; and accompanied that exhibition at Cooper Union’s Lubalin Center. Copies are still available, a separate exhibition catalog is out of print.

Peter Bain has taught at programs including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Mississippi State University, Parsons School of Design/The New School, Pratt Institute, and the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute. His Simplified Plant Illustration assignment is online at the AIGA Design Teaching Resource.

BTNI exhibition view

“Blackletter: Type and National Identity” exhibition installation, co-designed with Paul Shaw