custom type, digital lettering, handlettering, and typeface design

The Healthy City

custom imprint/identity mark for The Healthy City; a publisher in Memphis, TN

42 Restaurant
42 Restaurant menu holder

digital lettering for identity applications, 42 The Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, NY; A. J. Rodrigues Group, agency; Kem Dinally, creative director

Heading West Touring West

handlettered title for exhibition catalog; The New York Public Library, Ann Antoshak, art director

Heading West Touring West cover

“Heading West, Touring West” exhibition catalog cover

Learning from Script logo

workshop promotion lettering

Gridiot card front

Gridiot specimen card front; typefaces featured in Eye 86

Gridiot summary

Gridiot summary, two weights available

handlettered broadside from “Seedpods” series; Mississippi State University Artist Incentive project, poem by Robert West, drawing by Soon Ee Ngoh

detail of gouache lettering

GyeongJu mark

custom wordmark proposal for GyeongJu, South Korea; Brand Design Association of Korea

Classic Script Peter Bain

pencil sketch for handlettering workshop; AIGA Birmingham

Anandia Anondia

wordmarks designed for exhibition project with David Comberg