custom type, digital lettering, handlettering, and typeface design

The Healthy City

custom imprint/identity mark for The Healthy City; a publisher in Memphis, TN

42 Restaurant
42 Restaurant menu holder

digital lettering for identity applications, 42 The Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, NY; A. J. Rodrigues Group, agency; Kem Dinally, creative director

Heading West Touring West

handlettered title for exhibition catalog; The New York Public Library, Ann Antoshak, art director

Heading West Touring West cover

“Heading West, Touring West” exhibition catalog cover

traditional cursive from “Writing Knowledge” letterpress book; Mississippi State University Artist Incentive project

Gridiot card front

Gridiot specimen card front; typefaces featured in Eye 86

Gridiot summary

Gridiot summary, two weights available at MyFonts

handlettered broadside from “Seedpods” series; Mississippi State University Artist Incentive project, poem by Robert West, drawing by Soon Ee Ngoh

detail of gouache lettering

GyeongJu mark

custom wordmark proposal for GyeongJu, South Korea; Brand Design Association of Korea

Classic Script Peter Bain

Pencil sketch for handlettering workshop; AIGA Birmingham